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except he doesn’t realise that this is a serious statement

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redbull and my best friend. gonna fangirl over sexy brits all night, then go for an early morning jog walk.







…I didn’t even realize half of the things I typed…that I was feeling like that…

Now I’m crying. Thank you whoever made this.

This helped me vent today

That was incredible.

i don’t know why… but i feel like crying :/ this is such a nice thing. thank you.

this is such a beautiful idea, I love whoever made this.

Whoever made this; Thank you from the bottom of my heart. This is amazing. Just, believe me.

What the hell D:

The stuff I was typing I didn’t even know I felt.

You don’t have to reblog, just click the image. but honestly, I needed to do this. I have this raw, real feeling inside of me right now.


Wow okay I was having a breakthrough and it froze on me

Great job thoughts room

It’s a wonderful idea though, everyone should give it a try even if they don’t think they have any burdens

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Anonymous Asked: Do you have Josh's real tumblr? (:


Josh Define teaching a kid, so sweet :’)

so cute~

Why won’t Josh follow me… (╥﹏╥)


Anonymous Asked: Where you going? - Josh x

i went to trot off away with my friend. we got all tired and stuff and now i’m back xP HALLO LOVELY.

Anonymous Asked: Your welcome...? - Josh x

Sorry, I’m a bit weird. But it was lovely talking to you! I’ll be messaging you sooner or later, have fun and stay pretty! (; x

Anonymous Asked: I doubt it. But I think Green apples are nicer :) - Josh x

For some reason.. You made me think of talking apples. Like, big googly eyes and huge cartoon smiles! OH I AM SO GOING TO GLUE EYES ON MY APPLE NOW. Thank you for giving me this wonderful idea.~ x